Kyalami Estates - Block completion timeline




  • Michael Vennemann

    During your showday in Kyalami you wanted to come back to me on the position of the box you will put at the street. It is important for us to know that NOW (!) because we are in the final phases of renovating our house and have the paving of the driveway open currently due to the fact for laying fibre cable from the house to the street. We need to know NOW where about to lay our fibre cable.

    Our address is No.8, Stand 717, Saratoga, Kyalami Estates.

    Thank you!

    Michael Vennemann

  • Service Manager

    Hi Michael

    Henry from the installations team has been in contact with John, could you please confirm with John if he has all the info you need, or if you require more.

  • Jill Ramos

    Hi I live on Saratoga street and I have a few questions regarding the instillation process and costs.

    Please contact me at your earliest convince


    Jill Ramos

    071 354 0662

  • Andrew van Hasselt



    Do you have an idea on installation for block G ( Owlswood Road ) tried contacting your help centre, but no luck

    Andrew 0835787515

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